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Vehicle Repaired In Joe’s Garage To Be Donated

Tomorrow's Technician

It has since grown to include 10 fully equipped bays, lifts, running vehicles and a source capture vehicle exhaust system for hands-on learning and product and equipment demonstrations. The post Vehicle Repaired In Joe’s Garage To Be Donated appeared first on Tomorrows Technician.

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Jaguar Land Rover Won't Clear 5,000-Vehicle Repair Backlog Until 2024


Jaguar Land Rover has recommended dealers use second-hand parts for vehicle repairs. The manufacturer currently has a backlog of 5,000 vehicles sitting at the dealership across the United Kingdom waiting to be fixed, Autocar reports.


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The Automotive Repair Shop Technician Vehicle Repair Process

FastTrak Auto Shop Management Systems

If things go well the additional repairs identified in the inspection/diagnosis steps will be approved and the parts will be delivered and those repairs can be worked on without any lag time between. The post The Automotive Repair Shop Technician Vehicle Repair Process appeared first on FastTrak.

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Hybrid vs. Electric Vehicles: Which Will Be Easier to Repair After Automotive School?

Automotive Training Centre

Despite the added complexity, there are advantages to specializing in hybrid vehicle repair. Hybrid vehicles are more established on the market, and many automakers produce them. This means there’s a broader base of vehicles that require servicing. Do you want to be a hybrid and electric vehicle mechanic ?

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Welding 101: What to Know and Where to Begin 

Tomorrow's Technician

In today’s world of advanced vehicle repair, welding can play a central role. t’s no secret that vehicle makers and the industries that supply the materials that make up the fleet on the streets strive to build safer vehicles. Yet, with many welding methods available, which one is right? No stronger, no weaker.

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Transform Your Auto Repair Shop Management Processes


Wouldn’t it be nice if software could eliminate the day-to-day management of your vehicle repair shop, while unlocking your shop’s full financial potential? Like a Driver Assistant, but for auto repair shops. Identifix Shop Manager enables you to maximize the amount of money made on each vehicle repair.

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House Subcommittee Votes to Approve REPAIR Act

Brake & Front End

“We are grateful to the Subcommittee for recognizing the intent behind this legislation and agreeing to report the REPAIR Act to the full committee,” said Bill Hanvey, president and CEO, Auto Care Association. Allow consumers, repair shops and suppliers to access all necessary telematics and diagnostics data.