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EpiCar Joins Forces with Florida Independent Automobile Dealers Association


EpiCar is uniting with the Florida Independent Automobile Dealers Association, working to understand dealers’ challenges and reshape the automotive landscape. The post EpiCar Joins Forces with Florida Independent Automobile Dealers Association appeared first on AutoSuccessOnline.

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Signs My European Automobile Has an Electrical Problem

RB Auto Service

We are going to list the signs of electrical problems below so you know what to look for in your European automobile. We are experts in all things European when it comes to automobiles. Dead Battery It may also be time to replace the battery in your European automobile. You can count on our European auto service shop.


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Russian Officials Getting Really Into Locally-Sourced (And Chinese) Automobiles


Driving around Washington D.C., you don’t often see Russian cars on official license plates. Russia, having lost nearly all of its trading partners, has decided the reverse should be true as well — Russian officials should drive Russian vehicles. Yet, there’s one interesting carve-out from that edict: China. Read more.

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Speeding a top concern for Canadians

Auto Service World

A new poll conducted by the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) has unveiled a significant concern among Canadians about speeding in residential areas. The concern is there even though many admitted to occasionally engaging in the behaviour themselves.

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What these experts think about EV goals

Auto Service World

The United States federal government issued proposals earlier this year for new automobile pollution limits that include requiring up to two-thirds of new vehicles sold in the U.S. to be electric by 2032. Like any political goal, pointed out Liz … The post What these experts think about EV goals appeared first on Auto Service World.

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Considering Automotive Technology Training? The Role of AI in Car Safety

Automotive Training Centre

Increasing road safety is a critical reason that AI is being added to automobiles. Having a working knowledge of these AI systems can be quite beneficial for anyone working in the automobile business since it guarantees that cars are both safe and reliable.

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2024 Suzuki Swift 3-Door Version Masterfully Rendered


As opposed to the largest Japanese automaker in the world, the folks at Suzuki are specialized in both automobiles and motorcycles. When it comes to cars and crossovers, the Shizuoka-based company further specializes in sensibly priced small automobiles. The Swift and Jimny are the best exa. continue reading. )