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Fix Network World Celebrates Apprenticeship Program Approval

Tomorrow's Technician

Fix Network announced the Fix Network Apprenticeship Program (FNAP) has been officially approved by the Washington State Apprenticeship and Training Council, and celebrates the graduation of its first apprentice, Gabrial Duran. Before joining the apprenticeship program, I became a dad,” said Duran.

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3 Tips for Success in Your Apprenticeship After Refinishing Prep Technician Training

Automotive Training Centre

As everyone who has ever undergone automotive training can attest, an apprenticeship is a key step towards mastering your trade. Here are three invaluable tips to help you navigate and maximize your apprenticeship experience. While your training provided a solid foundation, the apprenticeship is where theory meets practice.


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4 Tips For A Successful Brake And Alignment Specialist Apprenticeship After Auto Mechanic School

Automotive Training Centre

Completing a program at an auto mechanic school gives you a crucial advantage in mastering the basics and finding apprenticeship opportunities. An apprenticeship is a crucial step in the qualification process and offers a valuable opportunity to translate theory into practice and master your craft.

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Rivian Launches Apprenticeship Program

Brake & Front End

All-electric vehicle manufacturer Rivian announced the launch of a new apprenticeship program to support the development of trained staff at its future manufacturing plant in Stanton Springs North, Georgia. The post Rivian Launches Apprenticeship Program appeared first on Brake & Front End. paid for by Rivian, the company said.

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What Are the Benefits of Internship and Apprenticeship Programs in Automotive Education?

Auto Service World

Internship and apprenticeship programs are pivotal in automotive education, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical skills. appeared first on Auto Service World.

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How To Succeed During Your Apprenticeship After Diesel Mechanic Training


The apprenticeship phase post diesel mechanic training is a critical juncture where theory encounters practical application, setting the foundation for a successful long-term career in this sector. The post How To Succeed During Your Apprenticeship After Diesel Mechanic Training appeared first on CATI.

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The Case for Apprenticeships: Investing in Tomorrow’s Technicians Today


The answer might just be closer than you think: establishing an apprenticeship program for your technicians. Why Apprenticeships? An apprenticeship program offers the perfect platform for young talents to acquire these skills under the guidance of seasoned professionals. Remember, the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.