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Is Automotive Service Advisor a Good Career? An Updated Guide for 2024

Automotive Training Centre

If you’re searching for a career path that combines both interests in a rewarding, secure position, look no further than the automotive service advisor role. Due to significant economic changes in recent years, you may wonder whether service advisor training is the right decision for you in 2024.

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Leveraging AI Within The Automotive Service Industry


Sep 4, 2023 Additionally, there is another study going on about AI’s use as an automotive service advisor. bot was able to determine a medical diagnosis accurately about 72 percent of the time, based on the patient's symptoms and personal medical information.


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San Bernadino County’s Premier Automotive Services

Repair Shop Websites

Redlands Auto Repair is currently the only shop in town with R-1234yf servicing capabilities. The post San Bernadino County’s Premier Automotive Services appeared first on Repair Shop Websites. Call today to schedule an appointment at 909-792-2272 or come by the shop at 430 Texas Street in Redlands, CA.

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June is Automotive Service Professionals Month


Leesburg, Virginia – The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) has designated June as Automotive Service Professionals Month (ASPM), the ideal time to recognize skilled automotive professionals and the valuable service they provide from coast to coast.

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Mohawk College offering free EV, hybrid training

Auto Service World

Automotive service technicians can upgrade their skills and earn a micro-credential from Mohawk College related to electric vehicle and hybrid training.

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Automotive Maintenance and Repair Association

Winning Consumer Trust in the Automotive Service Industry. That’s AMRA’s Mission The post WINNING CONSUMER TRUST IN THE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE INDUSTRY. THAT’S AMRA’S MISSION first appeared on AMRA.

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How To Contribute To The Overall Profitability Of An Auto Shop After Automotive Service Advisor Training


If you’re a car lover with a knack for service and administration, you could provide plenty of value to an automotive team and pave the way to an extremely lucrative and fulfilling career. Automotive service advisors are professionals who connect customers with the right service and technician for their needs.