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How To Lower HC Emissions At Idle: 7 Common Causes & Fixes

Motor Verso

As someone who owns and drives mainly old, oft-modified cars, failing emissions tests (and trying to figure out how to… Read more » The post How To Lower HC Emissions At Idle: 7 Common Causes & Fixes appeared first on Motor Verso.

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Easily Restore Catalytic Converter Performance


Not only does this mean the vehicle won’t pass emissions tests, it also can result in poor fuel mileage, reduced power and decreased vehicle performance. It’s also effective after failing an emissions test. It reduces tailpipe, HC, CO and NOx emissions and restores lost performance.


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What's Covered in a PA State Inspection?

Girls Auto Clinic

For the emission test, we hook up your vehicle to a machine that reads the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) or the main computer to your car. Waivers help you get your car back on the road repairs to pass the emissions test are too expensive. If your vehicle has failed two emissions tests and you’ve made a minimum of $150.00

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Rislone Introduces Cat Complete Emissions System Cleaner

Tire Review Magazine

The company said Cat Complete can offer an alternative to replacing inefficient catalytic converters and is also effective after failing an emissions test, reducing tailpipe, HC, CO and NOx emissions and restoring lost performance. Regular use helps keep the emissions system clean and prevents recurring check engine lights.

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Catalytic Converter Replacement

Tomorrow's Technician

New York is the first state to mandate that a vehicle with California emissions and converters must always be replaced with a CARB-certified converter, even if it is never going back to California. There have been long-standing policy debates in Maine, Washington and other states on emissions testing and standards.

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Air Quality and Junk Cars: What You Should Know About California’s Ongoing Struggle

The Mechanic Doctor

California’s Air Quality and Its Efforts To Reduce Vehicle Emissions Unfortunately, California is world-famous for its smog and poor air quality. However, since 1984, it began requiring that all passenger vehicles registered in the State pass an emissions test before their owners can renew their vehicle registration.

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Why You Should Never Skip Exhaust System Repairs

RB Auto Service

Finally, a failed emissions test could attribute to a malfunctioning component in your vehicle’s exhaust system; it needs to be inspected by a professional mechanic immediately. Additionally, suppose you notice strange noises underneath your car, such as loud rumbling or popping when accelerating.