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KYB unveils environmentally friendly hydraulic fluid

Auto Service World

KYB announced it has developed a fully sustainable shock absorber hydraulic fluid that eliminates the environmental risks associated with petroleum. Full release to the market is planned for … The post KYB unveils environmentally friendly hydraulic fluid appeared first on Auto Service World.

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Elgin adds new hydraulic roller lifter/guide assemblies

Auto Service World

Elgin Industries’ popular Elgin Pro-Stock range of performance parts now includes original equipment-quality hydraulic roller lifter/guide assemblies for 2004 and newer Chrysler Hemi engines without multiple displacement system (MDS) cylinder deactivation.


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Hydraulic Power Steering Service Opportunities

Brake & Front End

Hydraulic power steering is not dead. While the number of vehicles with electric power steering is growing, hydraulic power steering is the choice for some platforms and applications both new and old. The post Hydraulic Power Steering Service Opportunities appeared first on Brake & Front End.

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Hydraulic Suspension Bushings

Tomorrow's Technician

That bushing could be hydraulic, and it’s a good service opportunity for you and your shop. What’s so different about hydraulic bushings? Hydraulic suspension bushings were developed in response to specific customer desires: smoother, quieter, and better-handling vehicles. Hydraulic bushings fill those empty voids with a fluid.

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Electrical vs. Hydraulic Power Steering

Alex's Autohaus

Power steering is now offered in a few different ways; hydraulic, electrical, and more recently, drive-by-wire. Types of Power Steering Power steering is either hydraulic, electronic, or electro-hydraulic. The hydraulic fluid assists in the turning of the wheels, meaning the input required from the driver is kept to a minimum.

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Atlas shrugged: Boston Dynamics retires its hydraulic humanoid robot

Autoblog: Car News

Filed under: Government/Legal , Weird Car News , Technology , Emerging Technologies Continue reading Atlas shrugged: Boston Dynamics retires its hydraulic humanoid robot Atlas shrugged: Boston Dynamics retires its hydraulic humanoid robot originally appeared on Autoblog on Tue, 16 Apr 2024 17:54:00 EDT.

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Hydraulic suspension bushing replacement tips

Tire Review Magazine

If a customer comes to you saying they saw fluid leaking from a suspension bushing, it probably means they may have hydraulic bushings on their vehicle. In this video, let’s discuss what hydraulic bushings are and some tips for properly servicing them. However, all bushings eventually wear out over time and need to be replaced.