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Enhanced Media: More from the 2023 Jobber of the Year Winner

Auto Service World

They discuss the importance of inventory, having good relationships with suppliers and future … The post <span style=color:#ff0000>Enhanced Media:</span> More from the 2023 Jobber of the Year Winner appeared first on Auto Service World.

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Enhanced Media: EVs and ‘negative hyperbole,’ EV World, Fall 2023

Auto Service World

Thanks for tuning into the enhanced media segment from the Fall issue of EV World. They touch on “negative hyperbole,” which Carter … The post <span style=color:#ff0000>Enhanced Media:</span> EVs and ‘negative hyperbole,’ EV World, Fall 2023 appeared first on Auto Service World.

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Why Social Media Marketing Is Essential for Auto Shops

Auto Profit Masters

There are several ways that social media marketing can help your auto shop. Establishing a social media profile, like on Facebook or Instagram, allows customers to leave an excellent review, instantly showing potential customers what a significant business you are. Most younger customers use social media daily.

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7 Best Practices for Auto Repair Shop Social Media Marketing


Social media has become indispensable for many B2C (business-to-consumer) businesses, including auto repair shops. Leveraging social media platforms effectively will help you connect with your customers, boost brand recognition, establish competitive advantage, and drive business growth.

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How to Treat Bare Metal After Media Blasting


Media blasting is one of the most effective ways to remove old paint and rust from automotive surfaces. In almost no time it can strip away unwanted finishes, dirt, and corrosion, revealing the bare metal underneath. This is a crucial step in automotive restoration as it provides a clean surface for further refinishing.

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Social Media Savvy

Ratchet + Wrench

How to convey your shop’s brand and personality through social media so you can post with purpose.

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Why are so few car repair shops making use of social media marketing?


Today, we simply cannot ignore social media, everyone is using it whether you are a fan or not. I have been looking at 100+ car repair shops and noticed that only a hand full are using social media marketing, for example, Facebook advertising. Personally, I think it has its negative and positive sides.

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