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Maximizing Truck Maintenance Efficiency – FREE Downloadable White Paper!

Mitchell 1

In this white paper, discover the crucial role of TMC RPs in the industry; providing standardized procedures and best practices for truck maintenance and repair. FREE TruckSeries White Paper ➤ The post Maximizing Truck Maintenance Efficiency – FREE Downloadable White Paper!

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Pods That Can Reach Airplane Speeds on the Ground to Be Made in Ferrari-Land


Popularized by Elon Musk in a 2013 white paper, the idea of high-speed travel through a low-pressure tube and using capsules is all but dead. For a brief period of time not long ago the word "hyperloop” was on everybody's lips. continue reading. )

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Bridgestone, Michelin Set Standards to Expand Recycled Carbon Black

Tire Review Magazine

Bridgestone Corporation and Michelin Group have published a joint technical white paper to share the results of their work with stakeholders in the recycled carbon black (rCB) community to develop a proposed global standard to increase the utilization of recovered carbon black material in tires.

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Recycled Rubber Coalition report examines EV impact on scrapped tires

Tire Review Magazine

The Recycled Rubber Coalition recently released a white paper, titled “ An Unexpected Electric Vehicle Environmental Problem With Common Sense Solutions ,” which examines how the rapid adoption of EVs will lead to an increase in scrap tires and provides practical solutions for the recycling and reuse of these tires.

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3 Reasons to Spray a Test Card Before You Paint


Made of pure white paper to prevent influencing the color, they may also contain black printed elements to demonstrate contrast. Their special coating allows the paint to lay down uniformly without absorbing into the paper. This is where the simple, humble paint spray test card emerges as a silent hero.

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Do Brake Pads Impact The Environment?

Tomorrow's Technician

Most reporters were tipped off to the story when the white papers were posted, or an organization issued a press release. Most of the science is being performed at public universities and funded by taxpayers or charitable grants. Most of the reporting is straight forward and not slanted to the left or the right.